Friday, September 29, 2006

Word Notes

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On Monday we will discuss your work on Project 3 so please bring a print-out of what you have created. We will have our artist presentations, and we will go over image cropping in Illustrator, print area selection, creating dies, and anything else we haven't covered.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Artist Presentations

September 25
Cailen Guhl
Christine Bombard
Catherine Nawalany
Christina Kampson

October 2
Laura Yi
Nick Auge
Sophie Dupin
Taylor Cook
Anne Hugus

October 9
Moon Kyung Chang
Chauncey Medder
Alexander Driscoll
Ju Mi Kim
Tina Delapa

20mg Work

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Project 3 Description

Using Illustrator create a digital illustration of your favorite childhood toy, game, or object. Your translation of this object can be either literal or an abstracted version of it. How did you interact with the object? Did it have a greater personality than the form that you saw and how can you incorporate that? Think about the 3-dimensionality and texture of the object and how it works, and also the color and how the color might have played an important aspect. Bring a color print-out of your rendering to class next week and we will discuss them in class. The second part of this project will be to incorporate the item into a piece of collateral (details next week).

Here are links to Baseman and Kid Robot. These images are just to give you an example of how the original idea of a toy has been abstracted and transformed.

[ kid robot ]

[ gary baseman ]

Next week we will discuss these images, typography, and cover anything missed in Illustrator so we can continue with this project.

I brought up Space Invader today, completely unrelated in some ways but maybe in others. Here is his site:

[ space invader ]

Lastly here's the Goldfrapp video:

[ goldfrapp number 1 ]

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


These are some of the links discussed in class.

Free version of Word
[ Word ]

AIGA Urban Forest Project
[ Urban Forest ]

Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11/06 In-Class Materials

Project 2 Description

Your next assignment will ask you to make a statement about something you are passionate about. You will create a series of three digital collages addressing one issue and expressing why you feel it is important to you. This issue can be social, political, or solely personal.

You can not use any text to make your statement, only imagery. After the first round of digital sketches you will have the option of adding abstract text. Images can be things that you photograph yourself or that you find through other resources, just make sure that they are at least 300dpi at the scale they will be used.

Work with the standard postcard size of 4.25 x 6 (horizontal or vertical format is up to you). For next class, September 18, you will bring color print-outs of your series of three postcards which we will critique. The final solutions will then be due the following class. Remember to consider how color and abstract imagery can explore your concept.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Project 2

If you can please visit the Dada Exhibit at the Moma. The exhibit is up until Sept 11.

[ moma ]

Your next project will deal with collage and so I think it would be beneficial to see the show. Here are some others who have worked in collage:

Herbert Bayer ^

Lester Beall ^

Josef Muller-Brockman ^

Ivan Chermayeff ^

Roman Cieslewicz ^

April Greiman ^

Richard Hamilton ^

John Heartfield ^

Max Huber ^

El Lissitzky ^

Herb Lubalin ^

Alvin Lustig ^

Herbert Matter ^

Paul Rand

Alexander Rodchenko ^

Paula Scher ^

Paul Schuitema ^

Alex Steinweiss ^

Ladislav Sutnar ^

Salomon Telingater ^

Wolfgang Weingart ^

Piet Zwart ^

For the next class we will continue talking about Photoshop and we will discuss: layers, clone tool, automated actions, gausian blur, lasso- magnetic vs. outline, history, replacing color.