Saturday, November 25, 2006

Project 5: Create a Magazine Spread

For your last assignment you will create a magazine spread based on the designer/artist that you presented in class. I have provided a grid by email and you can use this as a reference point for your design. Items do not need to be constrained to the grid but it should be used as an underlying premise of your design. For more information on grids check out Josef Muller-Brockman's book, Grid Systems in Graphic Design.

Here is a site that has some of the pages in case you can not get to the library before Monday.

[ brockman ]

On Monday you will show computer sketches of the spread. The grid I created was in InDesign, so I would encourage you to use InDesign. However if you want to use Illustrator instead that is fine. Your results should be your interpretation of the artists' work, it does not necessarily have to be a carbon copy of what they would do. You should just be inspired by their work in your final solution.


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